How to Use Shopify in 2020

E-commerce is one of the biggest market in 2020. So everyone wants to start an online business. After Covid-19 disaster just online businesses can made it and actually e-commerce websites grew most in 2020. So, if you want to start e-commerce, or searching ways how to start to sell online this article is for you. We wantContinue reading “How to Use Shopify in 2020”

Getting Started With Wix in 2020

The word “website builder” comes first with “Wix”. This is because it is one of the best website create tool on the market with 125 million customers from 200 countries around the world. I wasn’t one of those customers until recently. I’m the one with the web design. I’ve created many sites over the years,Continue reading “Getting Started With Wix in 2020”

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